Temperature sensors
Pressure sensors HT-PD
Minimess and hose
flow sensor GFM/RE4
speed sensor DS 03


ShangHai ZhongYe Measurement & Control Technology Co.,Ltd. is hydrotechnik's agent in china.
The hydrotechnik's products:
Instruments: Multi-Handy2020/3010/3050/3060;Multi-System 5060/8050;Panel mounted instrument SEG 1060;Multi-EPC .
Sensors :Pressure sensors PR 15/HT-PD;volume flow sensor GFM/RE4/RE6;Temperature sensors;speed sensor .
Minimess and hose : Minimess 1215/1604/1615/1620 .
The zhongYe's products:
Hydraulic Pumping station ,hydraulic system,hydraulic test-bench and automation Measurement & Control System: They are used in military,power generation,metallurgy,petrochemical,automotive,Construction Machinery,Etc.We are engaged in these industries for many years .We have a lot of experience .
Thank you for using products of hydrotechnik and ZhongYe .

For Hydrotechnik, ‘Quality without Compromise’ is not just a statement. It is a working reality. All areas of the company adhere to maintaining ISO9001 standards,certifi cation of which was awarded in 1996.

To ensure maximum quality control, Hydrotechnik practices the highest standards of manufacturing at
our works in Limburg, Germany. Starting with metal working on CNC machines, assembly with modern automated machines through to manual production using highly qualifi ed workers, everything is done to achieve the reknowned Hydrotechnik standard of quality.

Where in-house production is not possible, we work with well-known suppliers. When choosing our supply
partners, we do not just look at cost but we insist on the ability to achieve our priority of quality. Strict control
of the supplied components ensures that the products fully comply with our quality standards.