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HT-PD Pressure sensor

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Hydrotechnik HT-PD Pressure sensor

Product range pressure sensors type HT-PD The latest thinfilm WSG pressure sensor type HT-PD from Hydrotechnik was developed in order to measure pressures and pressure peaks within an extended temperature band. Its strongest attributes lie in the following areas:

  • Reliability
  • Repeatability
  • Temperature stability
  • Robust industrial design
  • Media compatibility
  • Resistance to thermal shocks and vibrations
  • The HD-PD’s simple yet advanced design features very few active components. These include the sensor element, signal processing circuit and associated protective components. The calibration is executed electronically with on-board storage of all parameters. The benefit of this feature is an extended working temperature range with excellent long-term stability and comparatively small total error. The mechanical dimensions of this latest model have been reduced once more achieving major size and weight saving and an increased resistance to thermal shocks and vibrations.

    hydrotechnik HT-PD Major features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • High resistance to thermal shocks and vibrations
  • High IP protection (up to IP 69 K) depending on the choice of cable connection
  • High temperature operating range(-40°C up to +100°C, for a brief period up to 120°C)
  • Ideally suited to use in mobile hydraulics at higher temperatures
  • Custom application suitability due to modular sensor construction(construction kit principle)
  • Hydrotechnik HT-PD Application ranges

  • Industrial hydraulics
  • Industrial robot
  • Quality control
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Process & control
  • Service and maintenance
  • Pneumatics
  • Testing & development
  • Laboratory & calibration

    Hydrotechnik Technical data of HT-PD Pressure sensor

    Measuring principle Thinfilm WSG / relative pressure
    Measuring output signal: Options 0 to 20 mA (three-wire), 4 to 20 mA (two-wire)
    or 0 to 10 VDC (three-wire)
    Supply voltage: 10 to 30 VDC (signal 0 to 20 mA /4 to 20 mA)
    12 to 30 VDC (signal 0 to 10 VDC)
    Over voltage protection: To max. 35 VDC
    Current consumption:
    (Sensor under zero load)
    12 mA (0 to 20 mA/4 to 20 mA)
    8 mA max. (0 to 10 VDC)
    Non.linearity and hysteresis: ± 0,5 % of full-scale output
    Error limit: ±0.5%@22
    Repeatability: ± 0,1 % of full-scale output
    Mechanical overload capacity: 1,5 x nominal pressure
    Bursting pressure: 3 x nominal pressure
    Working temperature range: -40 °C to +100 °C (for a brief period +120 °C)
    Media temperature: -40 °C to +130 °C
    Stock temperature range: -40 °C to +130 °C
    Long-term stability: 0,1 % of final scale/year
    Load resistor: Current source:RL = Max.500Ohm ,Voltage source: RL = 5 kOhm
    Environmental rating (EN 60529/IEC 529): IP 40 to IP 69K (depending on plug connection)
    Fatigue life (FS cycles): > 10 x 10 7
    Frequency response (amplifier): DC to >1 kHz
    Reaction time: <1ms
    Insulation resistance: Minimum 100 MOhm
    CE-mark: Interference emission acc. to EN 50081-2,
    immune to interference acc. to EN 50082-2
    Resistance to vibrations: 20 g (1mm vibration way 10 bis 2000 Hz)
    Resistance to thermal shocks: 50 g (6 ms half sinusoid)
    Electrical connection: 5-pole Plug (standard)
    Pressurized connection G (mechanical): ISO 228-G1/4 A: maximum 25 Nm, gasket: Gi-ring: FKM (Viton)
    Material: Wetted parts: 1.4542 stainless steel
    Weight: 0,06 Kg

    Hydrotechnik HT-PD Dimensions

    Hydrotechnik HT-PD Pressure sensor's 5 Pin assignment order NO.

    Pin assignment Order number
    5 Pin assignment 8808-05-00.01

    Hydrotechnik MINIMESS® direct connector for pressure sensors HT-PD

    Execution Pressure sensor Pmax Order number
    Direct conn. straight – 1620 HT-PD 63MPa 2103-07-18.62
    Direct connector 90° – 1620 HT-PD 63MPa 2146-13-05.00

    Hydrotechnik pressure sensors HT-PD 4...20mA output

    Measuring range(MPa) Measuring range(Bar) 4...20mA
    -0.1...0MPa -1...0bar 3403-30-C3.37
    -0.1...0.6MPa -1...6bar 3403-32-C3.37
    -0.1...1MPa -1...10bar 3403-54-C3.37
    0...0.6MPa 0...6bar 3403-28-C3.37
    0...1.0MPa 0...10bar 3403-26-C3.37
    0...1.6MPa 0...16bar 3403-41-C3.37
    0...4.0MPa 0...40bar 3403-31-C3.37
    0...6MPa 0...60bar 3403-21-C3.37
    0...10.0MPa 0...100bar 3403-16-C3.37
    0...20.0MPa 0...200bar 3403-10-C3.37
    0...25.0MPa 0...250bar 3403-17-C3.37
    0...40.0MPa 0...400bar 3403-15-C3.37
    0...60.0MPa 0...600bar 3403-18-C3.37
    0...100.0MPa 0...1000bar 3403-29-C3.37
    Hydrotechnik pressure sensors HT-PD 0...20mA output
    Measuring range(MPa) Measuring range(Bar) 0...20mA without ISDS

    0...20mA with ISDS

    -0.1...0MPa -1...0bar 3403-30-C3.33 3403-30-S-E5.33
    -0.1...0.1MPa -1...1bar 3403-20-C3.33 3403-20-S-E5.33
    -0.1...0.6MPa -1...6bar 3403-32-C3.33 3403-32-S-E5.33
    0...1.0MPa 0...10bar 3403-26-C3.33 3403-26-S-E5.33
    0...2.0MPa 0...20bar 3403-27-C3.33 3403-27-S-E5.33
    0...2.5MPa 0...25bar 3403-40-C3.33 3403-40-S-E5.33
    0...6MPa 0...60bar 3403-21-C3.33 3403-21-S-E5.33
    0...10.0MPa 0...100bar 3403-16-C3.33 3403-16-S-E5.33
    0...20.0MPa 0...200bar 3403-10-C3.33 3403-10-S-E5.33
    0...25.0MPa 0...250bar 3403-17-C3.33 3403-17-S-E5.33
    0...40.0MPa 0...400bar 3403-15-C3.33 3403-15-S-E5.33
    0...60.0MPa 0...600bar 3403-18-C3.33 3403-18-S-E5.33
    0...80.0MPa 0...800bar 3403-62-C3.33 3403-62-S-E5.33
    0...100.0MPa 0...1000bar 3403-29-C3.33 3403-29-S-E5.33
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